3D printed 20' container chassis and more

kingj63 Jun 7, 2020

  1. pmpexpress

    pmpexpress TrainBoard Member

    As the majority of prototype rims are painted in light gray, silver, or white, molding both the tires and wheels in black may present a problem insofar as light colored paint coverage is concerned.

    While a user could prime the rims, the additional paint layer may end up obscuring the fine detail that you have managed to achieve.

    From a painting standpoint, it would be preferable to have gray rims with black tires.
  2. kingj63

    kingj63 TrainBoard Member

    I am working on this as I feel it may be the preferable approach as well.
    I have not however found the paint obscures the holes. It actually makes the lug nuts stand out.

    Bit tricky because some issues with 3D printing make this less of a direct path than one would assume.
    The rims have to be exceptionally thin wall objects which is itself a small problem.

    Again, working on it.

    Everyone has to understand my point of view on this whole product is from a users / painter's perspective.
    Whatever the end result is will be the most advantageous for both printing, assembly and painting.

    Simply on a learning curve here of what is possible is all.
    Bear with us.

    BTW, what we have now may not be optimal but it s also pretty good.
  3. kingj63

    kingj63 TrainBoard Member

    DSCF0001 6.JPG

    OK, you asked and here you have it.
    Tires divided from wheels.
    This retains the hub on the axle to allow for easy painting of a unique color on the hub.

    pictured is the two wheel steel version
    the hole is a little elusive in this pic
    look closely at the lower left corner of the wheel / tire assembled and you will see it.

    I'll work on the ten hole aluminum wheels tomorrow.
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  4. pmpexpress

    pmpexpress TrainBoard Member

    Very nice...

    Really like how these turned out.
  5. ns737

    ns737 TrainBoard Supporter

    you could make a 53' drop deck trailer as well. one with split axle with box's for load straps. and one with regular tandem axles
  6. ns737

    ns737 TrainBoard Supporter

    some pics. dc432ls9-iso-tank-container-chassis-1.jpg dc432ls9-iso-tank-container-chassis-2.jpg dc432ls9-iso-tank-container-chassis-3.jpg gn4553-hd-container-chassis-1.jpg
  7. ns737

    ns737 TrainBoard Supporter

    and some 53' drop deck. 12061575_1.jpg Black-Gold-Dropdeck.png
  8. kingj63

    kingj63 TrainBoard Member

    The next product line will be some trailers that are pretty much customizable.
    The first batch anyway will be based on either a 48' steel frame trailer, wood deck or aluminum with composite / wood nailing boards possible. In other words fully detailed decks. Still holding the general announcement close to the vest until I have the GTG pics to share.
    You are all going yawn. It has been done before. I pretty much assure you not like we are going to do it. With all variations in play there are at least 50 variations with no two trailers being exactly the same.
    Working with one guy who has requested something which is a trailer I had never seen before he pointed it out.
    This will be our design so available for anyone who wants it.
    Hopefully someone will besides us two.
    This is the test print so it needs some refining. Probably more detail added as per various prototypes but this is actually the way some are. This bare and basic. Which is why they are cool.

    DSCF0002.JPG DSCF0003.JPG
    Fresh out of print. Excuse the printing scars.
    Yes, the air lines are as crazy thin as you are thinking they are.
    Again a test print from a basic design.
    The actual model will have enhanced details like our loose wheels with rims and tires divided. This was simply the quickest way to test this first print.

    I am unsure about the drop deck flats. Probably at some point. Meaning months down the road. Not years.
    I have a customer for my main business painting who is an OTR driver who owns a specialized carrier company.
    I believe we are going to do one of his larger trailers which will be multiple axles. Think 10+
    He hauls a lot of rail equipment from wrecked cars that can not be railed back to a facility and a lot of vintage RR cars and locomotives between museums and private owners.

    Keep the feedback coming.
    Our success depends on listening.
    Again I am never dismissive even if it feels that way.
    We are just two guys trying to do something new and in a different way.
    I am also trying to maintain my painting business which is getting to be hard in the setup phase of the printing side business.

    Bear with us and hopefully with input you will get stuff you like the way you want it.
    That is the goal anyway.
    All a bit new to me vs just taking orders and painting one locomotive at a time.
    Might be more work than I expected which is cool is that is the case.
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  9. kingj63

    kingj63 TrainBoard Member

    Feels like it has been forever working on this stuff. Between ideas we had and suggestions this spun out of control quickly.
    Just be assured some of the stuff has already been undertaken that came from suggestions.

    Probably a big one is the request for wheels which can be attached by a wire rod vs the way we intended it.
    I have the hubs for a wire rod now. This mainly being for anyone interested in wheels and tires as an aftermarket detail part

    These will support the wheels and tires we already have.

    I just need to get stuff launched right now. These are for the detail minded modeler looking for nice easy to source detail parts.
    For now.
    Never say never as in these will never be on my trailers.
    I am billing this stuff as custom. So if there are enough requests to ditch the nicely detailed 3D printed suspensions in favor of the wheels mounted by wire rod, I will address that. Could happen is all I am saying.
    Just not right now.

    Today I have the meat of what we intended to do all along and got sidetracked by the idea of the 20' container chassis.

    Now just to be clear. The whole point of what I am doing is to maximize the full potential of 3D printing. Also known as Rapid Prototyping.
    To date we get cool stuff and one or two versions of it. Then that seems to be it.
    This along with our slinky tarps was my idea from the get go.
    20200628_181849~2.jpg 20200628_181923~2.jpg

    Note different trailers not just different toppers.
    It's all adjustable.
    We save individual parts so a core platform can have a multitude of details added or subtracted. As you request basically.
    I am focusing on the modern era just because.
    I can only do so much and the here is now is far more interesting to me.
    Pretty wide open gate as long as you are not asking for stuff that is 50 years in the past.
    Just not my thing is all and I can only do so much. The here and now is the only thing I have to prevent getting completely lost on this journey.
    To that point. Just focusing on flatbeds and intermodal will be a huge task as there is so much of it.
    Struck me we have flats why not do Turnpike Doubles.
    20200628_181412~2.jpg 20200628_181654~2.jpg
    This was really no harder than providing a way for two trailers to be joined.
    Notice more trailer options in these photos.
    I would run out of time and goodwill if I mentioned everything here.
    Short list is two core trailer types to customize.
    48' steel trailer
    48' aluminum trailer.
    Basically pretty boring stuff if that was it.
    Add suspension types.
    Fixed, slider, air ride, leaf spring, multiple axles, drop axles. You get the idea.
    Eye candy equipment like spare tire racks and storage boxes. Various types of mudflap configurations.
    The aluminum deck trailer can be set up with 3 nailing boards or 4 nailing boards.
    Either deck is pretty nicely detailed.
    OK. I think I am testing the limits here of an introduction.
    The main point is this is less what you see is all you can get than what you see is just the start. Ask and we may be able to do it for you.

    I need to get around to updating the announcement on my web page. Check in and see if it is up.

    If I get notices I will reply here.
    The fastest way to me is always direct.

    Lastly for now.
    If you have asked for something do not feel insulted it is not here yet.
    This all started rolling about 5-6 weeks back with an idea.
    I have enough stuff to do several dozen configurations of trailers already.
    Trust me we are just getting started.
    If you were not in the first bunch of ideas it is because we had our own we were working on.
    This will become more customer driven as custom implies as we get going.

    Are we having fun yet?

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  10. kingj63

    kingj63 TrainBoard Member

  11. SLSF Freak

    SLSF Freak Staff Member TrainBoard Supporter

    Really cool stuff, I like the way the tarps came out!!

  12. pmpexpress

    pmpexpress TrainBoard Member

    The trailer deck detail is simply outstanding.

    It would almost be a crime to cover up this level of detailing with a canvas top.
  13. dualgauge

    dualgauge TrainBoard Member

    Some of best looking trailers I have ever seen.
  14. kingj63

    kingj63 TrainBoard Member

    I should add that the finish on the painted trailers is not the best that can be done.

    I really rushed these through as pre-sell samples to show off what could be I guess.
    With a bit of TLC all the nibs from print supports can be eliminated easily. I was just lazy.

    You could do better and it is not hard. Just takes time I did not seem to have.
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  15. Massey

    Massey TrainBoard Member

    You call that lazy? You did a great job on them. N scale is hard to get things perfect, and when doing close up photography as you are then everything shows up, but when this is on a layout and you are viewing it from 6 or more feet away... it looks perfect.

    I'm not ready for the trucks and trailers yet but when I do I will be making an order or three!
  16. kingj63

    kingj63 TrainBoard Member

    refining one announcement for two more versions.
    Hang in there. More new stuff coming. Eventually it might actually be something you want. 20200705_133632~2.jpg

    OK, so no great secret here. I like multiple trailer trucks.

    Any interest in more of this B Train stuff?
    I'd like to offer a flatbed B Train too if anyone would like that.
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  17. Massey

    Massey TrainBoard Member

    I already do want!! I just am not ready to spend the small budget I have for modeling on vehicles yet as I still need to purchase some structures and scenery stuff. Soon... hopefully very soon...
  18. kingj63

    kingj63 TrainBoard Member

    Totally understood.
    This is either the best time to be launching new product or the worst time. Not sure.

    Whenever you or anyone is ready the business will be appreciated.

    More new stuff in the printer and files being finished for print later.
    Stay tuned
  19. kingj63

    kingj63 TrainBoard Member

    OK, so here we go with another request addressed.
    Hope something here appeals to you.

    48 drop w:o slinky.JPG 53 drop tri axle R.JPG
    OK, so the top is a 48' drop, the lower is a 53' drop.
    I definitely have a simple spread axle configuration for the 53' trailer.
    What I do not have yet is a 48' version for a tri-axle. Could if anyone asked for it. Just haven't bothered yet and likely won't without a request specifically for it.
    Also these are aluminum deck trailers. Lacking a specific request for a wood deck steel frame version I won't do that either.
    I can. Just saying won't make this without a request and order for one.
    My room is getting pretty full of sample stuff.
    Time that could be spent drafting up totally new trailers is being used to offer versions of everything.

    See the two versions side by side for length comparison.
    48 drop 53 drop compare.JPG
    I already have a slinky tarp for the 48' trailer. Rammed this through and it isn't the greatest yet.
    I will revise this to be better once we do the slinky tarp for the 53' trailer as well.
    48 drop w slinky.JPG

    As per the usual deal here.
    The versions shown are not the only way to get them.
    The possibilities on these are a bit less than the standard flats but still far too many to list one by one as every possible combination.
    If this is not the version you wanted, ask. It is at least possible the bag o parts has the version you want. I just need to assemble the parts for printing the way you want.
    Pretty much the whole goal of this service.
    What hopefully makes it different.

    Hang in there.
    I am twisting the arm of my designer to do a modern goose-neck container chassis.
    Having been out and about down to Chicago last week. I finally saw one of these for the first time on the highway.
    May have lit a bit more of a fire under me given I could see it in person and yeah it is pretty cool.
    If I were the person doing the CAD work, we would already have it.
    I am not, so bear with me as I put some pressure on my guy to just do it.
    I can only push so hard and still have a happy designer :)
    May take a while (weeks, not months) But it will be here eventually.
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  20. kingj63

    kingj63 TrainBoard Member

    OK, so last one for today.
    No one asked for this but I wanted to do it.
    This is just a tangent that I want to do. if anyone else enjoys it then it is a bonus.
    I am just obsessed with multiple trailers in tandem or even triple for that matter.

    I hope someone else does approve and wants it too.

    B train flats 1.JPG B train flats 2.JPG B train flats 3.JPG
    These are something I bashed using parts adjusted from the 48' steel flats with a few new parts created specifically for the file.
    Suffice it to say. This one will have limited options relatively speaking.
    It will just be the steel trailer version.
    It will just be air ride.
    Aside from those limitations. All else is still on the table.
    Wheel types.
    Number of axles. What I did for the sample is pretty much the minimum.
    Both trailers could have two more axles at least. Lacking a utility storage box the lead might accept 3 more axles.
    Trailer decks can be plain. With a bulkhead. With either topper. Slinky or side kit.
    Landing gear can still be requested up or down.

    Not exactly like there are no options.
    The base trailer is just what it is because I did this in an unusual way.
    Lacking some significant interest in this range of models. I do not expect to get much help from my designer on this.
    My programs are limited. Worse that the programs may have more potential. I just do not yet know how to tap that.

    For a beginner's shot at something cool. I think I did OK.

    I don't really even care if no one else wants these.
    It would just be cool to hear some positive feedback.
    Or for that matter negative what I got wrong.

    As the old Hollywood saying suggested.
    The only bad publicity is no publicity.

    I prefer happy comments.
    I will learn from the not so happy ones.

    Fire away.
    What do you all think?
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