2021 N Scale Enthusiasts Membership Cars

George Johnsen Jan 9, 2022

  1. George Johnsen

    George Johnsen TrainBoard Member

    Hi folks-

    We were talking to Eric Smith at MicroTrains Line today and doing some planning for Special Runs to be released at the Nashville Convention. While we talked, he let us know that as a result of the fires over the summer, and due to the recent challenges with Covid they are incredibly short staffed at the moment, resulting in 4-500 of this year's member benefit cars printed, but not assembled. They are getting through them and mailing them out, so no one has been missed or forgotten, just delayed.

    Both Eric and the N Scale Enthusiast thank you for your patience and understanding. And we hope to see you in Nashville!

    N Scale Enthusiast

    PS- Registration is going really quickly, and half of the available Convention Host Hotel Rooms in Nashville are already spoken for, This looks like its going to be a big one, so get your bookings in!
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