Weaver Junction 1.0

Small N Scale Switching Layout

  1. Rocket Jones
    Plan Type:
    • Point to Point
    Dimensions - Length (ft):
    Dimensions - Width (ft):
    Square Footage:
    <32 Sq Ft (small)
    Working Access:
    Portable or Easily Moved by 1 Person
    1 Deck
    Weaver Junction is designed for small switchers and short cars using Atlas Code 80 flex track (mostly) and #6 Customline turnouts. I don't have room for a cassette so the Interchange track acts as on-board staging.

    Weaver Junction.jpg

    Depending on your scenery, it can be an industrial park, small town or urban setting. If you have the room, it can be easily stretched to fit a hollow core door.

    Among the great suggestions I got for modifications were the ideas of adding a waterfront or car float.
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    Version: 1.0
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