Track Plan N 15x25 DblDeck Point-Point 2015-11-30

Mullan Pass: Helena to Garrison, for GTRail 20080202

  1. ppuinn
    Plan Type:
    • Point to Point
    Dimensions - Length (ft):
    Dimensions - Width (ft):
    Square Footage:
    > 64 Sq Ft (large)
    Working Access:
    Around the room (access inside, wall/limited access outside)
    3+ Decks
    MRL's Mullan Pass: (Reversing loop with visible staging), Helena, Narrows, Birdseye, Austin, Weed, Greenhorn Trestle, Blossburg, Elliston, (Reversing loop), Garrison (visible staging).
    Nolix: 2% grade, 18 inch rise, 8 to 12 inch shelf separation, 12 to 30 inch deep shelves, 3-4ft aisles with two 24-inch choke points.