N Scale End Plate PCB Tie holders 2020-05-24

STL files for N-scale PCB ties at module ends

  1. RBrodzinsky
    Securing and aligning tracks at the end of modules, such as for Free-MoN, has always been a tricky process. Affixing PCB ties directly to cork roadbed or the wood of end plates can result in misaligned ties, and are easily damaged. The designs included in this package allow one to conveniently align 5 gapped PCB ties, as well as compensating for the difference in height between Atlas & ME Code 55 "wood" ties and the PCB thickness.

    Two versions are included in the ZIP file: a "roadbed"-profiled aligner and an "at grade" aligner, which can be used for yard tracks, or on top of roadbed to connect two pieces of track.

    EndPlate PCB Tie Holder Wider v3.png
    EndPlate Grade Level PCB Tie Holder v2.jpg

    Notches at either end help align the track center-line. A #2 wood screw is used to position and affix, as well as glue on the base plate.

    PCB ties should be cut to 16.2mm in length, and gapped. Ties from Cloverhouse (p/n 1260) and FastTracks will fit. Pre-tin the ties, then adhere to the plate using an epoxy such as JB Weld Steel

    Example photo:
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