Walthers ADM Grain Elevator w/ add-on Silos

These are two kits. The ADM Grain Elevator is Walthers part number 933-3225 & the Add-on Silos are Walthers part number 933-3226.

Walthers ADM Grain Elevator w/ add-on Silos
Calzephyr, Nov 13, 2009
    • Calzephyr
      Step Three is to add the other sides to the base. I used Tenax 7R to assemble this model. It alllows for fast drying 'welding' of the parts. It takes only about 10 seconds for Tenax 7R to weld parts together... so you must be accurate in the fit of the parts. I used sandpaper to smooth the seams at each segment.
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