SP 9811

SP 142

SP 142
SP 9811, Jan 17, 2007
    • HemiAdda2d
      A great-looking lokie, if not for the taggers....
    • SP 9811
      I remember when SP got new gons, and boxcars. The paint was so fresh you could smell it. But the cars had graffiti, messing up the nice paint job. Makes me sad.
    • HemiAdda2d
      Taggers are brazen enough to do locos now. Prolly in broad daylight... :(
    • BoxcabE50
      Stinking taggers!!! Should catch them, then make them pay the entire price of repainting, including leasing an engine to replace the one out of service for that work. That would get their attention!

      :angry: :thumbs_down:

      Boxcab E50
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    SP 9811
    Jan 17, 2007
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