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Sand Springs Railway - Composite photo to show complete layout.

Sand Springs Railway - Composite photo to show complete layout.
rich c, May 22, 2009
    • MarkInLA
      Just stumbled onto this site today !! I hope it's still up and running. Got to be one of the best N layouts around.. Also I admire your decision to have it true point to point. P to P forces one to run like a real RR. Keeps you on your toes. I do not like continuals/roundy rounds because they mostly, don't.. My last layout was an HO, P to P switchback, bridge-route where its sole purpose was to transfer cars to/from two different altitudes. Each end had an interchange, too. Upper end on a peninsula had my engine house and an engine+one car wye. And just like you the two termini were right across the aisle from one another..smaller scale, of not having loops on each end, is rare...Great scenery and structures, too.....M
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      I already made my comment under a pic above. I do not comprehend why this separate box asks you to [also] leave a comment in order to give site my rating. Why not simply add the rating in the initial comment box ?! Well, I guess I just commented again anyway !! M
    • BertCripe
      Really like your work! Thanks for sharing. I also am building a point-to-point N scale layout. Operation is my driving interest also.

      Thanks, Bert Cripe
      North Coast Railroad
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