Ruby Canyon Track

Location: Near the Colorado / Utah Border

Ruby Canyon Track
bravogjt, Sep 21, 2007
    • HemiAdda2d
      OK, just how in the name of Judge Wilson McCarthy's ghost did you get this shot?
    • bravogjt

      After driving south of Rabbit Valley for about 6 miles I came upon a campsite with an awesome canyon overlook. My son and I hiked down to a ledge where I just happened to venture out on to a big rock and took the shot. It really was safe no matter what the picture makes it look like.

    • HemiAdda2d
      It looks a lot more precarious than it is, eh?

      I thought Ruby Canyon was inaccessible? Most of it, anyhow.

      Ohhh, Mikeeeee!
      Wanna go camping along the old Grande again??? :D
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