Chief Dead Frog

Railtje 2006 weekend Eldorado

This photo was taken on a Fremo modular layout. The backdrop was added in Photoshop. These modules belong to Rene Knoop, the P2K Y3 and most of the cars are mine.

Railtje 2006 weekend Eldorado
Chief Dead Frog, Oct 19, 2006
    • HemiAdda2d
      Whoa! Wow! Holy macaroni! That's an AWESOME photo!
    • BoxcabE50
      Wow! Fantastic scene!


      Boxcab E50
    • Stourbridge Lion
      Very Nice!!!!!!!
    • Chief Dead Frog

      Since you are on the trainboard staff: when I tried to upload my six most recent pictures yesterday, they first wouldn't upload at all (no error alert or anything, just didn't appear) and when I tried again, all my keywords and descriptions were lost. Any idea what may have caused this?
    • HemiAdda2d
      Was it under 2MB?
      I have no ideas, other than that. I tried the same once, and the 2MB limit gave me fits, not unlike your question.
    • Stourbridge Lion
      Yes, the issue you are describing is what happens (or lack there of) when your filesize is above the 2MB limit before you try the upload process.
    • Chief Dead Frog
      Mmm. None of the individual files were bigger, put put together they were indeed just over 2 Mb. But if that's a problem, how come it says 'no file size limit' somewhere on the upload page? And why are my images scaled down to 640 x 427 after uploading?
    • Cajonpassfan
      SWEET!! I wish I could have been there...:)
      Regards, Otto
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    Oct 19, 2006
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