mikelhh, May 21, 2009
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    • Chuck Miller
      Excellent pictures.

    • COverton
      Mike, if you could send your photos ahead of time to someone with photoshop and get that person to place in the upper left the same hues, and seamlessly, of what appears at the backdrop at right, you would have a truly stunning image. I don't want that to sound like you have fallen short...gosh, NO!! But I would be ecstatic to see this image with a full backdrop.

      But I must end with a huge thumbs-up. No one does this like you do...nobody. :-D
    • RDG 7600
      Fantastic shot!!!
    • mikelhh
      One of these days I'll paint the main backdrop. Matching the current one will test me out. But there will always be a gap because my British layout links up just behind [and I like continuous running :) ] Even if I bent the board around there would still have to be a hole in it, so I guess photoshopping is the only way to get it all totally smooth.
      Thankyou all for your comments. I am very grateful.

    • Pete D
      Yep Mike, your usual outstanding work!
    • Railheadz
      Mind blower!
      When I first click on the picture I thought I was looking at a prototype engine outdoors. I remember seeing dead growth & pockets of snow around the tracks just like that growing up in Northern Indiana. Excellent winter scene!
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