march 08 progress

PCB layout for control panel circuits and fiber optic LEDs that will illuminate track schematic on control panel front. Not finished yet.

march 08 progress
SDforty, Apr 7, 2008
    • SleeperN06
      This has certainly sparked my interest and I understand the LEDs and the fiber optics part, but what are electronics behind the LED for?
    • SDforty
      The MRC Dual Power Controller has AC output for accessories that I built a full-wave bridge rectifier for to provide DC to the LEDs, the capacitor discharge unit (for the rail switches), and the relays that I think were used to control power in yards and possibly between mains. There's one large power transistor, if I recall - that serves as a regulator - but it's been so long since I designed it all that I have forgotten now. It's all scratched down on some paper somewhere in my basement but I have not worked on the layout in years. I would like to finish it someday. That power transistor needed a heat sink because it would get pretty toasty - I made my own heat sink from some spare copper plumbing parts.
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