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Installing DCC in Märklin Pacific Mikado steam

Lenz Silver Mini, Digitrax DZ125 or CT Elektronik are the only ones that will fit under the cab roof. CT Elektronik is the smallest but will have unfamiliar values for many CV's beside the standard NMRA ones. Lenz defaults BEMF on and it does really strange things with Märklin motors !! Lenz and CT only have 0,5A motor current rating and Märklin motors are all over the place current-wise. They typically draw at LEAST 0.1A, many draw 0.2A and motors that are heading for failure can easily draw up to 0.5A so be carefull with any decoder. Digitrax easily fits and can handle up to 1A but I wouldn't trust that spec. BEMF is NOT turned on with Digitrax. Cut the inside cab roof tab. Observe all the locations that could make contact with the decoder wires. Make sure you put tape inside the shell to prevent shorts. DO NOT PUT TAPE ON THE DECODER !

Installing DCC in Märklin Pacific Mikado steam
SJ Z-man, Nov 7, 2008
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    Nov 7, 2008
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