Crossing instead of switchback

The model railroad cliche of a switchback with industries on each "wing" that would require one industry to be emptied before another can be switched is very rare (or non-existent) in real life. More typical would be the use of a crossing as shown in this reworked sketch. Discussed in this thread:

Crossing instead of switchback
cuyama, Jul 3, 2013
    • MarkInLA
      I believe the crossing does not change the shunting strategy here, only distance. If you were to move the RH switch (above Bldg 9) leading to Bldg #5 , remove the crossing, and install this same RH switch to the right of ( east of ),butting against this LH switch (right in the road near Bldg 4) you'de have the same movements as with the diamond. The 2 spurs are simply trailing point and facing point.This is all over railroads. But they are handled by 2 different trains . An eastbound train handles spur to Bldg #1. A west bound handles Bldg #5 ( probably the daily 'turn' traveling outbound; for all trailing point spurs. Then does a runaround and goes back eastbound for the trailing point spurs in that direction. There's no switchback here.
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