Black Butte Junction, circa 1954

A hard-working consolidation, just aquired by the Siskiyou Southern from the Espee, pulls into Black Butte station. Shortly after this snapshot was taken, a derailed box car demolished the station. Fortunately, no one was injured in the mishap.

Black Butte Junction, circa 1954
Siskiyou, Jul 1, 2008
    • Wolfgang Dudler
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    • Chaya
      Very nice. Was this photo edited to place the background, is it a module that was placed outside, or is the backdrop a photo?
    • 4X2DSP
      Yeah, that backdrop or whatever is awesome. I need something like that for my Oregon Division.... tell us more!
    • Siskiyou
      Thanks, Jeff! Let's see, what can I tell you?

      Since I worked 35 years for an airline and moved around a lot, the Siskiyou Southern is a fairly mobile, freelance modular railroad that models country I fell in love with as a young boy - the Oregon and California Siskiyou-Shasta area. In retirement, we moved to the Medford area (and built a house very near the Siskiyou Line) to be right in the middle of it.

      To facilitate frequent moves (in the past - no more!), I developed a "rib-and-spine" technique for making a layout - and especially its roadbed - out of cardboard. There's very little wood in the layout, so it's fairly light weight. Also, rib-and-spine allowed good-looking, reliable roadbed with nice super-elevation. Check my photos - there are a couple that show rib-and-spine back about 1980. Scenery is simple cardboard strips and hardshell. Although I made a lot of Ponderosa pines with furnace filter, scenery is simple and was planned to allow lots of vacuuming and easy maintenance.

      A couple years ago, I "finished" the layout and started getting into digital photography and photo editing. N-Scale Magazine published several covers and articles in 2007-08. The Black Butte shots show a 'connector' section of the layout that joins 2 sections. Because it's about 6 feet long and only 9 inches wide, photos tend to show a lot of the room - windows and outside, furniture, other parts of the layout. For that reason, I edited this photo to replace the background with a shot I took down in the actual Black Butte area. Many of my shots include background mural, but I needed more for this shot, so used a 'prototype' photo.

      I'd be happy to tell you more if you'd tell my what your particular interest(s) is/are. Or questions?

      Thanks for your interest!
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