Beverly Water Tower

The lone remaining structure resembling the Milwaukee Road. (Beside the bridge, that is. But they do not compete in the same league)

Beverly Water Tower
CMStP&P, Sep 18, 2009
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    • HemiAdda2d
      That's an oil tank. Back in steam days, after the 1910 fire in Idaho, MILW changed to burn oil in its steam locos. Most oil tank foundations I have seen are cast concrete. Is that one brick?
    • CMStP&P
      Yes, that one is brick, and it is in electrified territory, so maybe somene can shed some light on the question: water or oil (tank)?
    • Allen Miller
      It's not the oil tank itself, merely the brick support that once held a steel tank atop it that contained the Bunker C oil for the locomotives.
      It's a throwback to the years before electrification, when Mallet steam helpers were used to boost trains up the 2.2% grade on Beverly Hill. After electrification it continued to be used by the steam powered trains that operated over the Hanford Branch.
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