AT & SF DL-107 & DL-108

AT&SF DL-107 & DL-108, 50L & 50A Hallmark

AT & SF DL-107 & DL-108
SP-Wolf, Sep 26, 2014
    • atsf_arizona
      Nice locos!

      Did you have any problems with the trucks causing shorts if they touch the rails?

      I needed to do a fair amount of work on mine to: a) prevent shorts by the trucks touching the rails b) re-gear them using Gene Maddox replacement gear sets he has a stock of from the old Bobbye Hall Hallmark spare parts inventory c) put glass in the body shells and engineers in the cabs.
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    • SP-Wolf
      Hey John,

      I don't recall their being any issues with the trucks shorting. It's been a while since I have messed with these little beauties.

      Wow -- you did do a bit of work. Replaced the gears - ??

      I will get back to mine at some point. I want to add the lower headlight - and, if I hadn't done so -- add window glazing and decoders.

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