My N-Scale Pacific Wilderness Railway

My small N-Scale layout is a point-to-point shelf layout that's only 7 feet long representing the short-lived Pacific Wilderness Railway in Victoria, BC, Canada. The operation used 3 GP10 locomotives and a number of passenger cars leased from the Ohio Central RR. This tourist operation only lasted 18 months before going bankrupt. One reason for its short life was probably because the destination, at 20 miles up the line, was out in the middle of nowhere. The only thing there was a siding where the locomotives could be turned around for the trip back to Victoria. My layout models three areas in 7 feet, Mile 0 at the Victoria station and bridge over the harbour, the yard area containing a locomotive shop building and a stores building, and the Mile 20 area containg a trestle, canyon, waterfall, lake, river, and the turnaround siding. My half-finished layout has sat dormant for five years, but lately I've got back at it. The Victoria station, at Mile 0, is finished and the three-story brick Janion building has been constructed and I'm currently into the painting. I have finished construction of a maintenance shed and locomotive maintenance building in the yard area and I'm pouring the water features in both the harbour and canyon areas.

Gerry M, Apr 18, 2013
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