Geekboy's Toy Trains

traingeekboy, Oct 7, 2017
    • minesweeper
      Got a very nice and peculiar set... as I said it is a mix, two MDVC and two MDVE.
    • traingeekboy
      @minesweeper How modern a loco could I use with this set and still look reasonably realistic?
    • minesweeper
      Anything since 2000, therefore any loco in XMPR (white and green livery). E424, E646, E 464, E632/633 or D445
      Consider that you can also use the previous liveries as it took years to change the color to all locos.
      MDVC (orange) for E646 and D445
      MDVE (red) for E424
      Grey and blue for E632/633
      E464 was delivered in XMPR
    • traingeekboy
      @minesweeper I will have to see what appears on ebay. At the same time, I can run it with my OBB taurus for now! ha ha ha
    • minesweeper
      Ciao Griff, I opened a thread on international railroads here in TB
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