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OC Engineer JD, Nov 7, 2011
    • MarkInLA
      Though photos are from ten years back there's a reason they've been posted today !! Anyway, to me, this is my kind of bench work; good old fashioned 'open grid' !! My last layout, before vacating/relocating, and no one other since (yet), had very similar a look about it, including same cork job(s). Also, the scene breaker is near same type I had started on, for one side of a peninsula and similar feet from end view as this is, in order to block view of yard/interchange 3' behind it (including a one-sidewards-person-only, aisleway), and 12"(or about 100 scale feet below the peninsula at the summit of my point to point HO Switchback RR.; a bridge route to 'lift' and 'lower' trains from one altitude to the other (like Hagans switchback on L&N, or steep like Saluda ...So simple. House-framing on its side, 2'x3'-4' legs, stringers, cross members, risers ('cleats' to me and many, seem unnecessary),+ sub-RoadBed ply, even a tad of cookie cutter for a *street grade separation if wanted (*Never do this under a model switch[TO]... It will bend and ruin the switch, something the model must not ever incur !). Also this layout looks permanent. I don't much care for most modular/portables unless it's the only way one can MRR.---All good stuff here---Mark
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