Time to run!

Keith Mar 11, 2015

  1. Keith

    Keith TrainBoard Supporter

    Don't sweat too bad, unless I'm working on something.
    Sitting in the shade, with a slight breeze isn't too bad!
    Gets worse though, if it's muggy, because there's thunderstorms
    around somewhere! Tornado watch for here this afternoon/evening.
    Expired about 8PM.

    GP30 upgrades and upgraded power supply are ordered. Should ship out Thursday.
    Should be good, once installed and working right!

    Track crews got busy today also. Installed another power drop
    to the loop out front. Had to find original wires, so I could splice in!
    Couple more power drops to both loops yet, then I should have a pretty
    even power distribution all around!

    Seems to have helped. Train does not appear to slow any longer, as it did before.
    And a 32# or so coal train(12 cars/lighted caboose) does NOT help! Then again, neither
    do the curves and slight grade!

    Just wish yard was a bit larger!! Longer run, larger curves, small yard perhaps......
    Oh well, guess I can't argue, lucky my folks let me build what I have!! But they enjoy it also.
    I know neighbors and other folks in the neighborhood enjoy it's! Especially the kids!!
    Many times, folks don't know the train is there, until they either see it moving, or hear the sounds!
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  2. Keith

    Keith TrainBoard Supporter

    Project items have been ordered. Airwire/Sound parts
    ordered, as well as an upgraded power supply.

    Have steel wheels for 1 car on the way, 2 pair locomotive
    couplers and 2 pair freight car couplers. At this point, I think
    I'm pretty much finished upgrading things.

    Just an ALCo PA to convert to Airwire/Sound.
    And an LGB DRGW #50 and a BLW Goose #6.

    I'd be happy to get the #50 to Airwire alone.
    I've thought of leaving the Goose as DC and
    running it on its own solo loop. However.....

    And with high temps for a while, I can do the above work
    downstairs, where it's nice and cool.
  3. BoxcabE50

    BoxcabE50 Staff Member TrainBoard Supporter

    Nice to have a cool hiding place for summer days. And be able to enjoy some hobby time there. :)
  4. Keith

    Keith TrainBoard Supporter

    Almost a week now, since electronics were "supposedly" ordered.
    Was told, they probably ship Thursday. This was last week!
    Still waiting to see if order is actually gonna be sent now!
    Have not seen, or heard anything about it.

    My KD parts order should be heading out maybe tomorrow.
    They state 24 hours after processing.

    Still, have plenty I can do in the cool of the basement, regardless of Scale!
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  5. Keith

    Keith TrainBoard Supporter

    Shop crews surprised today! KD parts ordered arrived.
    Having big problems with Email right now. Can't get it!!
    So, I had no idea when parts shipped. Could also very
    we'll be why I don't know anything about electronics order!

    Nextlight coming Friday, to install fiber cable.
    New internet connections then! So, I'll end up with a new email
    address before long. Nice thing is, it's fiber optic, so it'll be much faster!
    And hopefully, no more email send/receive failures!
    Guess Dad has been trying to get it fixed most of the afternoon.

    Have gondola and flat car couplers, steel wheels for said flat car and
    couplers to convert ALL GP30's to KD couplers.
    Will probably have most of that work done this evening.
    Currently laying in bed, in the A/C, waiting for headache to go away!

    N Scale meeting today. Was OK, despite my hosed up Left knee now.
    After a nasty fall almost a week ago! Went anyway, even though temp
    today was 2-3* shy of the Century mark! Only slated to be 88* tomorrow!
    Still hot, but at least under the 90+ degree mark!

    Oh well.....
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