The Freelanced Blackwolf Mountain Line (Equipment/Layout Progress)

DragonFyreGT Apr 10, 2017

  1. vince p

    vince p TrainBoard Member

    Nice looking F unit's
  2. DragonFyreGT

    DragonFyreGT TrainBoard Member

    Okay so this update sadly isn't on my F-Units. I ordered a set of 146 Kadees, but they aren't here yet. The Nathan M3RT1 Horns are but sadly i didn't have the right size bit for my pin vise. So I took a trip to the local hardware store, bought one of Dremels micro drill bit packs and the size bit I need to make the hole large enough for the horns....I don't have te right size collet in my pin vise. Sigh. Oh and to make that diaphragm drama worse.... the front of the F9B needs somefiling work done below the doorway on the MbE doorway part. Filing down brass by hand to get it right, joy. Oh well.

    But today's updte is on Blackwolf Mountain 4349, an ex-BNSF (Athearn Bluebox LImited Edition transition between BB and RTR) 9-44CW. The first of my big bomber sets is getting some treatment as a test bed. Every railroad has a trademark, something on their units that only they do. Mine is no exception. I bought a Details West 130 EMD/GE Second Generation Pilot Plow. This is going on the rear of all my road units. Boy was this actually fun to install. I had the right pin vise bit for DW's pegs. Everything went smooth. Lined it up on an angle flush with the bottom and than pushed the peg out of the way with the bit. Well I had to redrill the hole higher on the right, but hey you can't see the misdrill and it turned out okay. Clearing everyting on the tracks too. Going to see about installing the Hi-Tech MU Hose cluster next, than the ditch lights, MU Cables, Trainline Hoses, spare knuckle basket, Cut Levers, and Fuel Line covers (These 3 big bombers are split 2 and1 by a fuel tender tank car). But it did turn out pretty good and I'm not dis satisfied with the part chosen for this. Enjoy.

    I really won't have much more to do this month, post wise until my Kadees show up. Their set of 58's will be donated to a gondola and my rapido caboose when I put the 146's in. And once the filing work is done on the B-Unit, all will line up and lay down correctly so I'm not worried at this point. Enjoy the rest of winter. I'm going to go huddle by the industrial heater in the Evergreen Engine Shop now.

    -DragonFyreGT aka Nate
    Blackwolf Mountain Owner/Opertor

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