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Charlie Mar 31, 2007

  1. Charlie

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    1/most unusual.... I would have to say the crown jewels in the Tower of London. To see the trappings of royalty and how exquisite and unusual they are. Not something we have in our form of government.

    2. Funniest thing.... At the American Forces hotel where I stayed, there were usually a couple of young ladies waiting outside the door for their gentlemen. This one particular afternoon I was leaving the hotel to go wherever when I saw a small group of about 5 street urchins, the oldest of which couldn't have been more than 10 y/o. The older boy was the "commanding officer" and he was posting the guard at the doorway of the hotel. One of the young ladies I referred to earlier was apparently in the way of where the "guard officer" wanted to post his sentry. He stared right through this young woman and In the most demanding and official voice a 10 year old can muster said to her...." Madam, would you kindly step out the way"! She stepped sharply away from her spot while the officer of the guard posted his soldier. I laughed about that all night.

    3. Scariest thing is probably the severe thunderstorms we have in the spring and summer in this part of the Midwest, but the one that shook me most was the storm in the middle of the night when I was in Basic Infantry training at Ft.Leonard Wood in the state of Missouri. We had been under a tornado warning and in a protective assembly for several hours earlier in the evening but then "Taps" was sounded and that was "lights out" so everyone turned in. Sometime around or after midnight a really wild thunderstorm broke and I swear that lightning struck between our building and the barracks building next to ours. There was a sudden blinding flash of light with a horrendous crash of thunder. It scared one of our guys out of bed. We had a fairly high ranking NCO living in our barracks. He was on "casual" status as he was retiring from the Army soon. He spent most of his evenings at the NCO club "refreshing" himself. He walked in the door of the barracks just after that lightning strike and spoke some crap to the kid who was shagged out of bed. This NCO was lucky the lightning didn't strike him, with the amount of alcohol in his blood he would probably have exploded! LOL That weather in those Ozark foothills at Ft.Leonard Wood is known for it's extremes.

    Hope this answered your questions.

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  2. Charlie

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    Well everyone, it is time for my annual Lenten sabbatical. If all goes well I shall return on or about Easter Sunday.
    Be kind to one another and enjoy the hobby and be appreciative that you have the chance to enjoy the hobby.
    If anything drastic occurs, I can always be reached by my email which you can find in my profile.
    Get your questions and comments together for my return.
    Enjoy and God Bless!
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    All the best to you and yours Charlie. I always enjoy your stories.

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