Port of Catoosa Railroad

dalebaker Aug 17, 2015

  1. RGW

    RGW TrainBoard Member

    Sweet effort Dale, I like the different layouts of the grain facilities.
  2. Yannis

    Yannis TrainBoard Member

    Very nice busy-looking scenes coming up Dale! The motorized oil pump should look great in-action. Thanks for posting!
  3. dalebaker

    dalebaker TrainBoard Member

    Hi Yannis,

    I had a lot of fun building that bridge except for the 12 stitches I took thanks to my miter saw! The cable-stay bridge has been retired this year and we are doing large pedestal top displays of our products. I built the trays that hold the pieces. Not nearly as fun or challenging to make. I actually wanted to make 8 foot by 8 foot bridge deck sections the would sit on the floor. They would have had our products in them in a 1:1 Scale. The folks in the company were afraid someone would trip stepping up on them. They were only to be step height.

    The really good part was that they would have had full size parapet walls on them. Everything would have had to fit in a 14 foot enclosed trailer.

    If anyone is crossing I-40 late next week and see a white GMC pulling a black and orange Harley trailer that says Remember the code on the back, honk and wave, that’s me. We will be going through Ok, TX, NM, AZ and NV.Headed West.

    I will get a chance to see some big time western railroading!
  4. Kevin M Stevens

    Kevin M Stevens New Member

    Dale looks like you relocated the layout. Looks great!

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  5. dalebaker

    dalebaker TrainBoard Member

    Hey Kevin! Glad to hear from you again! I hope you are doing well. Yup, after the Oklahoma Tilt-A-Whirle last year I decided to move it to a cleaner environment. It’s now residing in an unused bedroom upstairs. We are making great progress on it. We are doing infrequent OPs sessions on it as I do the scenery.

    Hey glad you stopped by! You need to come over to SS soon and run with us.

    Take care buddy!

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