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bostonjim Mar 13, 2018

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    This is my completed and detailed Archistories windmill kit. Though it is European it resembles the colonial era windmills on Cape Cod. It really is hard to tell what material it is made from. There is no weathering on this model. This is how it looks when it is completed. I painted the inside of the doors a contrasting color and propped them open. I added my own paper decals from office copier reductions from a photo. This kit comes w/ a motor and 2 resistors. Be sure to solder the resistors before you test the motor. It will go "Poof" if you don't. That is what happened to mine. Test it before the roof is put on or you'll never get inside once it is glued. The resistors are to bring the rpm's to prototypical speed. I thought I'd see it moving at mach speed w/out them. They need them. I did not plan a Cape Code countryside scene in my layout but I couldn't resist building this kit. They offer 2 styles of control towers. Both look US style. Jim

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    Archistories has 3 control towers ...
    Torrnstein 107111 Wood over brick
    Doerpede 101161 Brick on brick
    Kallental 102161 Half-timbered over brick

    The description is "upper level" / "lower level."

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