Northern Pacific in Gardiner, MT

montanan Aug 25, 2017

  1. montanan

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    Gardiner 1905.jpg Here is an old photo taken of the Depot in Gardiner, MT. The Northern Pacific used to run a train from the Depot in Livingston, MT to Gardiner, MT to take tourists to Yellowstone National Park and to supply the town of Gardiner which is the north entrance to the park.This photo was taken in 1905.

    One of the members of the Livingston Model Railroad Club which is located in the basement of the old Northern Pacific Depot in Livingston modeled this depot and the surrounding area and the entrance to the park. The detail work is fantastic.



    It is nice to see this lost piece of history being modeled.

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  2. BoxcabE50

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    Do you by chance know the year it was demolished? Does the freight house/depot still survive?
  3. montanan

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    I don't know that it was demolished. There is a building standing right where the old depot was. The railroad continued regular service until 1955. After that they did run occasional trains during tourist season for a couple of years. The railroad also supplied the town of Gardiner, but with the road improvement by that time, truck service could supply the town. If you look on Google Earth you can still see the old right of way and where the loop was. I believe that the High School is now in the center of the old loop. The next time i get to Gardiner I'll have to check it out. A few years ago I did take a trip down the old right of was from Livingston to Gardiner. In places roads are on the old right of way and in some areas not. An interesting trip.
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  4. Kurt Moose

    Kurt Moose TrainBoard Member

    Holy Moly-that layout scene is fantastic and looks just like a lot of the postcards I've seen from that era!!

    Well done!!(y)(y)(y)
  5. fitz

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    And the 1905 photograph is so clear it was probably a glass negative, large size. Beautiful model re-creation of the place.
  6. Ed Slanina

    Ed Slanina TrainBoard Member

    That's a great looking photo, and I really like that scene on the layout

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