Narrow Gauge- "What's on your workbench?"

SteamDonkey74 Jan 14, 2013

  1. ArtinCA

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    That sucks. It would have added alot to the look..
  2. Nick_Burman

    Nick_Burman TrainBoard Member

    Worry not, a new corrected version is being worked upon as I write.

    Cheers NB

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  3. SVRailroader

    SVRailroader TrainBoard Member

    I'm currently working on a second On30 Stock car. The concept of these "Dinosaur Stock Cars" are based on real (smaller) cars used by the Sumpter Valley Railway; after ranchers complained about cattle having to bow their heads in the low-height narrow-gauge cars, the SVRy added cupolas to the top!

    Since these are for my own freelanced John Day Valley Railway, I'm sizing the cars up to a slightly longer length. In the future I'll probably add better doors, but at least the ones I have slide. The first car got its nickname because, next to a standard Bachmann stock car, it looks massive! Moreso before I knocked it down about a scale foot or so. This second car will not have a cupola, just to show the difference between a "standard" car and a modified one.

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