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billmtx Oct 28, 2010

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    Right now I still have the full 'day job' which is railroad-related and keeps me more than busy, as well as travelling a lot. So I don't volunteer for much more travel, and I get about as many orders and sales as I can handle as a closet kit manufacturer. I say closet because it's the next step UNDER being a cottage business, I'd have to be bigger to be a cottage.
    For years, with my kids in college, I couldn't even do Altoona because I was always moving somebody somewhere that weekend. So things change, maybe someday, but not for now. I do travel all over though, have been in all lower 48, and done some pretty surprising home layout visits. My favorite off the wall incredible one has been the Mud Bay & Southern (Jim Youkins) in Tacoma, second all-time favorite was John Coots layout in Reno - since passed, but my inspiration for sure.
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    Finished up Rail Camp at the museum today. I had five guys making modules, two of them corners. If they are there for the third year I start them on corners so if they come enough years, they have an oval. I don't do standard corners, just the regular size modules with tighter radius ( 20-100 and 20-110) Trying to keep the cost down. They all had a good time.
    DSC_0020 2.jpg
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    OK, here's a challenge to you T-trakkers.

    The PRR river line that I've been doing modules of- West Hickory, Trunkeyville, Thompson, etc..... has a really cool junction on it. On the surface, it looks pretty much like the geometry for a T-trak junction module - Irvineton, PA.

    Here's the depot, but look at the lower LH shot:

    So, looking at a typical T-trak junction module: http://masterpiecemodules.com/index_files/T-trak/12R_Junction_Images/pic_01.jpg

    That's a double x single, which looks rather normal. But what I'm looking at in terms of track plan is more like this:
    http://www.masterpiecemodules.com/index_files/T-trak/Branchline_Images/pic_01.jpg with two-track main on the straight side and what I assume are Kato 4's on the ends.

    Is that a standard curve geometry or is that a complete oddball; i.e. will it be usable in a typical T-trak setup or do I have to stay with the first design? I see that it looks like there's two different curve radii in there?

    Now what makes this really unique is that there's also double track on ONE SIDE of the curve (say the right side of the plan above) with a curved diamond in it. https://www.ebay.com/itm/OLD-LARGE-...884454?hash=item44219f9c26:g:bc8AAOSwYTVZoND8
    For module purposes, this track could be dummy. Or, like all my other modules, only the end tracks are Kato and everything else is Peco or scratch. So as you can see, I need all the radius I can get away with here so that second plan may be all I can work from.

    I spent a lot of time around that depot before it was demolished.

    I'm several years ahead of myself on this one, but I'm still puzzled.

    The other one that keeps calling me as the 'ultimate junction + turnback curve" in T-trak is Oil City, and these bridges (if not all the track) are still there:

    That's an epic project, for sure, but same problems with double-track curves.
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    Interesting scenes. Both just beg to be modeled.
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    Harold, I visited your site, and I agree with your basic point that the T-Trak concept is very good for home layouts that allows a "rough draft" and cut-and-past approach! I keep saying in various venues as well that the underside of a T-Trak module is a great place for mounting electronics.
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    T-TRAK, Model Railroading, and the world of Man lost a great one last week...
    Terry Nathan passed from us on June 5th, in the evening...he managed to continue to operate his business, T-KITS, almost all the way up to the time he entered hospice a few months ago.
    Denise and I last visited with Terry 2 months ago, when he drove down to meet us in New Braunfels. We had a great, long lunch over conversation about friends, T-TRAK, and the state of model railroading in general. We will miss him dearly...
    Here is a link to his obituary:

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    Bruce, I am sorry for your loss
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    Be sure to watch next week's Model Railroader Magazine's "Ask MRVP Plus" end of July episode, teasing the T-TRAK layout at the NTS in Kansas City!!!

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