N Scale T-Trak

billmtx Oct 28, 2010

  1. Eagle2

    Eagle2 Staff Member TrainBoard Supporter

    Even if the field isn't truly "to scale," the effect is very nice and it makes a convincing scene. Looks great!
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  2. casmmr

    casmmr TrainBoard Supporter

    Charles, I have looked at your plan and can offer one suggestion, use a double in place of the 2 singles (New Gottland) and a triple in place of a double and single (Woodland). I have found over the years that the fewer modules you have the easier set up is. For New Gottland, keep the triple as is and combine the 2 singles. For Woodland, keep the first double as is and make the double, single as a triple. Of course it is your RR and you can make it al you like. Just a suggestion from a long time t-traker. A double and triple goes up quicker than 2 singles and a triple or 2 doubles and a single. If I read your post correctly you hope to take the modules to shows. Anyway, have fun and show us the results. later, Craig
  3. poppy2201

    poppy2201 TrainBoard Member

    Thanks for the suggestion. It makes a lot of sense. I made the changes you suggested and as a side benefit it made me look at the structure placement and made changes that to me appear to be less crowded and the visual effect looks better I think.


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