N Scale Database

A database of N Scale Motive Power, Rolling Stock, Trailers and Containers

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    This is pretty cool! Is this for all known N scale products or is it a DB for a private collection/road?
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    Hi: Sorry for the late reply on this. Yes, our goal is to create a db for all known n-scale rolling stock, locomotives and vehicles. One of our TroveStar contributors / curators has been hard at work adding all sorts of n-scale vehicles...pick-up trucks, box trailers, tractor cabs, SUVs....you get the idea....
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    As you may know, we attended the N Scale Enthusiast convention in Kansas City. We brought back some toys as rewards for the data entry project. We have added them here:


    The rewards now include:

    A Three-pack of the new 2-BAY USRA Hoppers in Pennsy livery from Bluford Shops.

    A Three-pack of George Hollwedel's MTL special run 39' tank cars (Santa Fe).

    One of the new operating Water Towers from Broadway Limited.

    Thanks to folks who have been helping out, we now have over 18K different N Scale items described.
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    Wanted to post an update on the number of items featured in the NScale DB. We're now at more than 26K! Below is a blog we have written about this research tool for n-scale collectors and modelers.

    N-Scale DB: Surpasses 26K Mark -- "I Think I Can. I Think I Can."
    Rise to the occasion. Help your fellow man. Be optimistic. Work hard.

    The Little Blue Engine espouses these values in the children’s classic: The Little Engine That Could retold by Watty Piper (1930). TroveStar takes these values (originally part of a sermon by Reverend Charles S. Wing) to heart and we embrace the Little Blue Engine’s mantra: “I think I can. I think I can. I think I can.”

    The Little Blue Engine uses good old hard work and a positive attitude to tackle a daunting task: Pull a broken-down train up the mountain so it can deliver toys, food and candy to the little boys and girls in the Valley. We at TroveStar have also adopted the “can do” mentality and undertaken a challenging and important goal: Create a searchable database of all n-scale model train items (created since the introduction of this scale in the 1960s) and provide a cost-free way for collectors and modelers to readily access and share information with each other.

    Although our “mountain” so to speak is quite high (there are thousands upon thousands of n-scale items), we continue to move full steam ahead and are proud to report that thus far we’ve reached and surpassed the 26K mark! At last count, the N Scale Model Trains Database features more than 26,300 items. For each item, say a Micro-Trains Steel 51' 3.75" Mechanical Ribbed Side Reefer/Pacific Fruit Express, we provide sought-after information, such as reference data (e.g., manufacturer, road name, road number, release date, pricing, etc.), product images, body style information, prototype information and company history. We also share data on an item's e-bay availability / pricing. Stay tuned for an upcoming blog on this helpful TroveStar functionality.

    Similar to the Little Blue Engine (a switcher train / shunter used for short-distance hauling who has never been over the mountain), we have never created this kind of comprehensive, large-scale searchable database before. However, we have experience accessing and manipulating data (the founder, George Michaels is an expert in databases). Based on this experience and sheer determination, the n-scale database currently includes 5,700+ engines, 18,700+ rolling stock, 30 structures and 10 accessories, representing more than 65 brands spanning AHM, Athearn, Atlas and Walthers, Wheels of Time and YesterYear Models.

    Not unlike the “not very big” Little Blue Engine, we are a small operation and rely on the hard work of a handful of Contributors to help populate the database. Thus far, Contributors from all across the country (California, Florida and Rhode Island) to across the world (France) have added close to 10,000 items to the database. To show our Contributors how much we appreciate their time and effort, we send them (no shipping charges) free engines and rolling stock from our Rewards program.

    We constantly add more items to the database, which features both recent releases, such as 400+ September 2016 products from brands like Bowser, CMX Products, Kato, Oxford Diecast, Rapido Trains, ScaleTrains.com, Showcase Miniatures, and Trainworx and lists older items, such as complete lists of the 1967 (including major variations) and 1969 (including major variations) Atlas Rolling Stock Catalogs.

    Like the Little Blue Engine, every day we tug and pull and slowly continue to build a comprehensive n-scale database. With each milestone, we too say: “I thought I could. I thought I could. I thought I could.”
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    Hi Folks: Well, the n-scale model train db just keeps growing. It has surpassed the 35K mark. We could not achieve this without all the hard work of all of our Contributors. Thank you! Below is a blog we just posted about the db and Rewards Program, which helps attract more Contributors and in turn helps grow this model train resource. Have a nice weekend.

    N-Scale Rewards Program Going Strong
    Each week database Contributors (current and new ones) take part in our Rewards Program.

    Some are interested in structures or figures and input accessories from Woodland Scenics, including taverns, paint stores, park bums or bicycle buddies.

    Others fancy powerful SNCF (French) passenger / freight diesel engines and add Mabar Tren 2011 / 2016 releases (see our blog N Scale DB Adds More European Train Makers: Mabar Tren).

    Others still like Pennsy (PRR) corrugated-side passenger cars with dome observation (popular in the 1940s and 1950s) and enter 1979 Con-Cor releases.


    Contributors Help DB Hit 35K Milestone
    Since the Rewards Program's launch in April 2016, Contributors have helped to nearly triple the number of locomotives (7,800+), rolling stock (24K+) and structures (500+) featured in the n-scale model train db, which now includes 35,000+ entries. To date, Contributors have added close to 15,000 db items from manufacturers based around the globe – North America, Europe and Japan. They have earned dozens of items, including ExactRail box cars, weathered gondolas from Micro-Trains, Atlas locomotives and Kato articulated well container car sets -- all worth in excess of $2,000.

    Quantity & Variety
    The n-scale model train db includes several hundred body styles and close to 100 manufacturers, spanning AHM, Athearn, Atlas and Walthers, Wheels of Time and YesterYear Models. Thanks to our Contributors, the n-scale db continues to grow with not just more items, but old and recent /new releases, more manufacturers and new body styles. Case in point: Alain, our France-based Contributor, recently introduced Barcelona-based model train maker Mabar Tren to the database (see blog, N Scale DB Adds More European Train Makers: Mabar Tren). And we recently added body styles for Con-Cor streamlined corrugated passenger cars. Before Robert (one of our newest Contributors who is also relatively new to model railroading) started participating in the Rewards Program, the db only had two body styles for this particular rolling stock. Now it has all twelve.

    Something for Everyone
    Our Rewards Program offers a wide variety of low- to high-priced items and is regularly updated with new inventory. We recently added the following: Precision Masters reefer kits (which require ONLY five entries) something we hope will encourage Contributors to get their feet wet so to speak. We also just added 2 Kato Lemke Eurostar sets (both of which can be earned with a total of 1,000 entries). We hope these items will appeal to some of our more ambitious Contributors.

    Special Orders
    And as a number of Contributors can attest, we are more than happy to special order any items not listed on the Rewards. Earlier this week, we pre-ordered an Atlas SD-9 Elgin Joliet & Eastern locomotive for Dan.

    On the Horizon
    Please check the Rewards Page often as we will soon add additional items, including a one-year N Scale Enthusiast Magazine Membership, which comes with an annual, free Micro-Trains car. We will also make it possible for Contributors to submit Blog Articles as a way to earn rewards. Please stay tuned!
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    Hey guys n gals I have a question.im trying to sell some custom Kato Ac4400 with DCC in S.P. All custom numbers each one different but I don't recall what I paid years ago and don't know what to ask.. help
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    Jim Fitzgerald’s Legacy Inspires an Accidental Train Collector to Build N-Scale Database

    George Michaels, Founder of TroveStar N-Scale Model Train Database

    In the summer of 2015, I began work creating the N-Scale Model Train Database on TroveStar, a database of n-scale items released since the 1960s. As of December 20, 2017, the database tally was 47,800+ locos, rolling stock, structures and accessories from model train manufacturers in North America, Europe and Japan. We hit this milestone thanks to staff and Contributors. But James “Jim” Fitzgerald, founder of the NTRAK Modular Railroading Society, (who liked to run long trains) inspired this online n-scale research tool.

    Jim helped develop the NTRAK module specifications and was instrumental in bringing model railroading, in particular n-scale, out of the basement and to public train shows. His legacy provides train enthusiasts like me with an alternative to running a handful of cars on small home layouts. As a member of the Northeast N-Trak Club, at model train shows, I connect my modules (NTRAK oil refinery or 6’ New England-themed TTRAK) to those of fellow club members and I get the chance to run true-to-life, long freight train consists. A favorite is to use a 3-MU SD40-2 set (in Pan Am Livery of course) to pull 120 Atlas beer can shorty tank cars.

    When I first started exhibiting at train shows, I owned about 40 (mostly Northeast road names) 40’ boxcars and some locos. Over time, with the chance to run long trains (and mimic the personnel and fuel efficiencies of actual railroads), I wanted to run unit trains (Roundhouse 50’ gondolas with scrap loads, Micro-Trains 33’ coal cars, Micro-Trains 39’ single dome tank cars and of course Atlas beer can shorties) as well as single-road-name mixed consists like Vermont Central, Boston & Maine and the NYC. Before I knew it, I had turned into an accidental train collector.

    To fill out my long unit-train consists and build the proper inventory for my road name consists, I needed to know what was available among, say Atlas beer can shorty tank cars. Who has made rolling stock for the B&M? How many 33’ hoppers did Micro-Trains release? Did other companies model this prototype? Try as I did, I was unable to find easily accessible reference data on n-scale model trains. So, I decided to put my database expertise and love of model trains to work and build the N-Scale Model Train Database on TroveStar. I hope my n-scale enthusiast brethren find this database useful and will be inspired to contribute to it . . . adding to its value as a resource.

    Thank you Jim Fitzgerald for inspiring this accidental collector!
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