Mystery Hat--Possibly Conductor's

SVRailroader Jul 29, 2017

  1. SVRailroader

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    A few years ago, I picked up a "conductor's hat" from a model railroading distributor in Eastern Washington. I took it to the railroad I volunteer on to show it off. One of the other members, however, commented that it seemed more like a bandmaster's hat than a conductor's hat; comparing it to the conductor (and brakeman) hats on the railroad reinforced that opinion, so I set this in the closet for a few years (though I pulled it out once for a costume).

    Recently I've been looking for a new conductor's hat online, and I'm noticing a number of "vintage" hats do seem to have the same shape as this one. So I'm wondering--can anyone tell if this hat is an actual conductor's (or trainman's) hat? There are no railroad markings on the inside so far as I can tell; the buttons on the outside say "FD" and don't seem to correspond to any railroad I've heard of.

  2. acptulsa

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  3. BoxcabE50

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    Looks similar to RR used hats. Unfortunately such hats were used by non-railroad entities. Police, fire and.... I am wondering if "FD" could mean "fire department?"
  4. SVRailroader

    SVRailroader TrainBoard Member

    I'm starting to think that's the case; it looks fairly similar to some of the hats in acptulsa's link.

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