Long Island Rail Road in Z Scale

John Bartolotto Sep 25, 2010

  1. JoeS

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    Nice! What I appreciate is the gradual process, its not a race to finish, just get it better and better. Your streets are second to none!
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    I love the details.
  3. John Bartolotto

    John Bartolotto TrainBoard Supporter

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  4. John Bartolotto

    John Bartolotto TrainBoard Supporter

    I thought I would expand on my road building technique and include some more information.

    Here is a photo of the FOS Scale Models “Volume 3 Roads & Highways For Your Model Railroad” DVD and the Ralph Lauren River Rock “Stone Chasm” RR65 that I used to paint the roads.

    David Smith used black styrene for his road base and after experimenting with making roads I decided to follow his lead. I found that using black styrene was key because if you cut a hole for a manhole cover or sewer grate or scratch in a road crack or create a pothole you don’t have to worry about a huge piece of white showing up because the black styrene hides those little areas well and makes touching up those areas with paint a lot easier to blend in with the rest of the road. I got my black styrene from MicroMark: 83478 Black Styrene .030” thick. After cutting the styrene the width I desired for the road I then followed the techniques in the FOS Scale Models “Volume 3 Roads & Highways For Your Model Railroad” DVD by spray painting the black styrene with a basic gray primer before painting it with Ralph Lauren River Rock “Stone Chasm” RR65. After the paint dried I lightly sanded it with a fine grit sandpaper. All the street lines were hand drawn with colored pencils and a straight edge, and all the asphalt repair squares, street cracks and such were done by hand with colored pencils. The streets were glued to the layout using LOCTITE Power Grab White Multi-Purpose Construction Adhesive.

    The curbs are all evergreen scale models #133 .030” x .060” white strip styrene spray painted with Testors 1233 flat light aircraft gray and then weathered with a medium black ink wash. After the curbs dried I glued them to the sides of the streets with super glue gel. To hide any super glue that came up on to the street I rubbed a small amount of real dirt where the street meets the curb. That hid any glue marks and mistakes and gave the gutters a realistic look.

    I hope this helps all of you more than my previous post about how I constructed my roads.


    John Street Paint 1.jpg Street Paint 2.jpg Street Video 1.jpg Street Video 2.jpg
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  5. poppy2201

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    Thanks John. I'm just starting with Z and this is nice information.

  6. John Bartolotto

    John Bartolotto TrainBoard Supporter

    The boys are back in town! After the flood in my basement a few years ago my three locos suffered moister damage so off they went the LIRR Shops in the LI town of Gerd Kurz. They are back and better than before! Thanks to the maintenance crews at Gerd Kurz!!


    John LIRR Locos 1 9-30-18 .jpg LIRR Locos 2 9-30-18 .jpg
  7. Kurt Moose

    Kurt Moose TrainBoard Member

    Glad you've recovered ok!!(y)(y)(y)

    Your layout and modeling have always been inspiration, and now overcoming a flood as well is even more good news!:D
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