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drabina Sep 15, 2017

  1. drabina

    drabina TrainBoard Member

    I am going to build a simple inglenook layout using Peco Code 55 turnouts and sections. I am a beginner so I did some reading and determined that I will go with 4,3,3 car option. Here is what I have so far (designed using SCARM):


    SCARM has track measurement tool so it looks like I should be able to fit 40 ft cars. I am still debating if I should go with the red section that's going to be used for loco shed just to spruce things up.

    I know this is one of the simplest layouts but I would appreciate any feedback in case I am making a noob mistake somewhere.
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  2. BoxcabE50

    BoxcabE50 Staff Member TrainBoard Supporter

    It is quite basic, but nothing is wrong with that fact. You do limit your possible movements. I always like to see a run-around possibility, so switching can be done in both directions.
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  3. cocotrain2

    cocotrain2 TrainBoard Member

    Yes a run around is always great to have. But any size layout can be fun and a great first try at it. Just go to the HO forum and look at Apartment Builders little layout and see how great detail he has done. Its all of the little things that make any layout stand out. Go for it.
  4. drabina

    drabina TrainBoard Member

    I do not think I need the run around. The red section would be engine shed so no switching on left side. I am actually debating if I should put engine shed there since it may block the view of the line above.
  5. traingeekboy

    traingeekboy TrainBoard Member

    An inglenook is a very specific design because it is meant to be a switching problem, much like the time saver layout; so no passing siding is needed.

    What is needed is that the tracks all hold exactly the number of cars listed. It seems like using SCARM is almost overdoing it as you can simply set the cars on layout area and place switches to see how things measure out.


    Not that you can't add some more track and not use it while switching the problem side of things. ;)
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