Homemade headlight reflector with LED

Graff Mar 22, 2018

  1. Graff

    Graff TrainBoard Member

    Latest project ....
    A reflector with light for my narrow-gauge locomotives.
    The diameter of the reflector is 4 mm.
    The LED is 0.5 x 1 mm!
    The reflector I made out of aluminum from oven trays.
    I took a nut of the right diameter and slowly pushed the aluminum with the rounded top of the hat from a ballpoint pen.
    Then I rough cut the edges and filed it to shape with a needle file.
    I then drilled a 0.8 mm hole in the center of the reflector.
    I glued the LED to the backside of the reflector with epoxy.
    The LED is a bit too white, so it'll get a drop of Tamiya transparent orange.
    Then I'll take Microscale Crystal Clear and fill the reflector so it gets a lens.

  2. wvgca

    wvgca TrainBoard Member

    looks good to me,, yes !

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