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Chris Uhlar Apr 17, 2017 at 10:34 PM

  1. Chris Uhlar

    Chris Uhlar New Member

    Thought I had better introduce myself. I'm Chris, from Rochester, UK near London. A pal of mine recently asked me to help with computerising an OO scale layout. We're using a ZTC DCC controller and JMRI on the computer. The last time I touched HO/OO gauge DCC hadn't been invented so its been a bit of an adventure. We are hoping to combine the best bits of JMRI with jython scripts to produce something really exciting.

    So far we have linked up the controller and the computer and demonstrated we can control a train but then we hit a BIG snag. I created a layout diagram for the storage sidings on the layout and a script to set the turnouts but...

    We are using tortoise point motors which take a while to move and require a continuing voltage to keep the blades set. When we run the route setting script we hear the motor start but then it cuts out again.

    Controlling points directly from the ztc controller they work just fine. When I monitor the commands sent from jrmi with mode set as direct and Automate set to Off I see (Thrown) o/p 1 set to On, then to Off twice. For (Closed) I see the reverse with o/p 0 set to On then Off, Off. I guess this would work fine for solenoid motors but for the tortoise it doesn't work. Anybody had similar problems? I figure I might be able to crack this with some more code to send the specific signals needed but I would love to find a a simpler solution?

    Regards for now

    Chris U
  2. fitz

    fitz Staff Member TrainBoard Supporter

    Welcome aboard, Chris. As one of the VERY few non-modelers here, I won't be of much help to you, but there are many members who no doubt will do so.
  3. Eagle2

    Eagle2 Staff Member TrainBoard Supporter

    Good to have you aboard, Chris. We do have quite a few folks working with just what you are, so they should be able to help. Your best bet would probably be to post your situation to either the DCC/Electronics forum or the Inspection Pit. Much more likely to draw the right attention over there!
  4. Hytec

    Hytec TrainBoard Supporter

    Hi Chris, Welcome on board. I'm one of the few DC dinosaurs, so can't possibly help you. Though I am happy you are on board, and am sure you will have all our problems solved....I hope. (y)
  5. BoxcabE50

    BoxcabE50 Staff Member TrainBoard Supporter

    Welcome to TrainBoard!
  6. Chris Uhlar

    Chris Uhlar New Member

    Thank you for the welcome's I shall investigate the reposting bit.


    Chris U
  7. Ironhorseman

    Ironhorseman Staff Member

    Hi Chris. Welcome to TrainBoard! :)
    I too am one of those "DC Dinosaurs" and I don't understand a word that describes your ambition(s)! LOL But your ambitions are worthy of keeping track of (no pun intended).
  8. Doug Gosha

    Doug Gosha TrainBoard Member

    Hello from Rochester, MN! There are all kinds of Rochesters in the States.

  9. Hytec

    Hytec TrainBoard Supporter

    Ehyup, New Hampshire and New York, to name two more "rebellious" locations. Chris, I don't care what us Colonial upstarts may say, you represent the original Rochester that we all copied, and you know that copying is the highest form of compliment.

    Keep smiling, it confuses your enemies.....:ROFLMAO:

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