DCC++ 1.8.5 Problems?

Peter Unger Jan 12, 2018

  1. Peter Unger

    Peter Unger TrainBoard Member

    Hi all, this may be a inproper question, so bear with a newbie...
    I did some time ago built Dave Bodnar's throttle, and a DCC++ base station, and installed the programs.
    Recently I wanted to modify the throttle, but had problems compiling, even with the unchanged sketch.
    I then tried an update to IDE 1.8.5, which didn't help. I can not compile any of the programs I worked with before.
    So, my question is obvious - what have you experienced people seen of this ? Am I missing something, like a general need to modify old sketches in this case ?
    Ideas welcome !
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  2. Doorgunnerjgs

    Doorgunnerjgs TrainBoard Member

    I can't help you but you would probably get a better/quicker response in the DCC++ forum here on TrainBoard.
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  3. Michel Goyard

    Michel Goyard TrainBoard Member

    for an answer, you should quote the error message you got.
    Probably a question of version of libraries. Try to use the ones provided by Dave.
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  4. patrick_martin

    patrick_martin TrainBoard Member

    If Nextion is involved and changes to the HMI file, will directly effect the needed Arduino script.
    Post both the newly changed HMI and the .ino file

    If you are interested, I have my throttle with 10 train support and 29 functions.
    - I have not yet worked out an Arduino sketch - something we could work on

    Would need to know if you have more than just train control and functions.
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