DCC++ 1.8.5 Problems?

Peter Unger Jan 12, 2018

  1. Peter Unger

    Peter Unger TrainBoard Member

    Hi all, this may be a inproper question, so bear with a newbie...
    I did some time ago built Dave Bodnar's throttle, and a DCC++ base station, and installed the programs.
    Recently I wanted to modify the throttle, but had problems compiling, even with the unchanged sketch.
    I then tried an update to IDE 1.8.5, which didn't help. I can not compile any of the programs I worked with before.
    So, my question is obvious - what have you experienced people seen of this ? Am I missing something, like a general need to modify old sketches in this case ?
    Ideas welcome !
  2. Doorgunnerjgs

    Doorgunnerjgs TrainBoard Member

    I can't help you but you would probably get a better/quicker response in the DCC++ forum here on TrainBoard.

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