AZL April 2018 new items part 2

ztrack Apr 15, 2018

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    April 2018 New Release – Part 2

    ES44AC – Iowa Interstate - Heritage Rock Island


    The Iowa Interstate has their own version of the railroad heritage programs. The operate an ES44AC decorated for the Rock Island! This loco pairs nicely with the Iowa Interstate ES44ACs released previously

    62412-1 Iowa Interstate-Heritage RI ES44AC 513

    Photo shows optional plow installed. Note this locomotive is NOT part of the NS Heritage standing order program.

    Budd – RDCs – Amtrak:


    62213-1 Amtrak Budd RDC 12

    62213-2 Amtrak Budd RDC 14

    62213-3 Amtrak Budd RDC 16

    40’ Outside braced boxcar – Reading:

    A single, a two-pack and a four-pack is available. Each car has unique road numbers.


    903107-1 Reading 40´ Outside Braced Boxcar 5620


    903177-1 Reading 40´ Outside Braced Boxcar 5604, 5615


    913107-1 Reading 40´ Outside Braced Boxcar 5600, 5605, 5614, 5621

    The cars feature etched metal walkways, doors that open, blackened metal wheels, fine printing and AZL’s AutoLatchTMcouplers.

    See the American Z Line sites for more information on these and other AZL products.

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