55n3 Reboot - Proof of Concept

hminky Jul 10, 2018

  1. hminky

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    The first 55n3 site was put on the web in 2010. Due to medical problems I couldn't pursue this endeavor further. Time went by and I let the domain lapse. Now my medical problems have been under control, none of which were life threatening, just debilitating.

    Been in and out of the hobby since 2010 and can't believe how such a short period has brought so much change. Most of the items discussed on the 55n3 website are no longer available and have to be sourced on E-bay.

    I write web-articles on the net. The satisfaction comes not in praise or an "atta-boy" post but someone using the information that was presented. It is nice to see someone applying the techniques that I bloviated about even if no credit is given to me. Stuff comes up in magazines that I recognize as my contribution to the hobby.

    It was warming to see Ronald Halma's American Civil War 55n3 Layout on the net. Ronald showed the concept of 28mm war gaming items and On30 Bachmann equipment is a viable concept.

    Thank you, Ronald

    Vist Ronald's blog:


    There are videos of Ronald's efforts two at:

    Our 55n3 website is now 55n3.info and no longer 55n3.org



    28mm gaming has grown and there are more figures and vehicles available.

    Thank you if you visit
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  2. jtomstarr

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    I saw something referring to this over on the big blue website, I kind of like the idea!


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