What I am thinking of for my first layout...

What I am thinking of for my first layout...
Screwjack, Apr 22, 2009
    • mtntrainman
      Looks like it will work fine on a HCD !!! :)
    • Screwjack
      Thanks, that's what I was thinking plus it is not too complicated and I am sure I can expand if I fall in love with this hobby...
    • mtntrainman
      The only problem that may arise...I see you have some BIGGER locomotives. That "Big Boy" may look a bit 'funny' running around smaller radii (like the inside loop). BUT...Its your train and your layout....As long as you are happy...dont let ANYONE tell ya is not good...thats my philosophy anyways...:tb-cool::thumbs_up:

    • traingeekboy
      I think it looks great. Is it inspired by the HO scale Atlas layout plan?
    • EricB
      I think that is from the Atlas N scale Layouts book. That was the first layout I built when I got back into the hobby. Got the track laid out and was running pretty good. Then I moved and the layout was destroyed in storage. Good thing I didn't invest too much in scenery and structures at that point.

      Your layout will provide some interesting continous running and some good switching moves. You should flip the turnouts at the top though. It'll look more prototypical.
    • Screwjack
      Yes, it is from the Atlas N scale book, but I added the turnouts on the top and the extra track thinking it would be useful for future expansion possibilities. I will take some advice here and flip the top turnouts.

      mntrainman:I really do not plan to run the Big Boy until I expand this. Plus, I don't think it will run on the small inside radii, it's needs a bigger radius to run. Thanks for the comments though. I do appreciate the input...:thumbs_up:
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