McCormick Sense of Humor - UPY845

satokuma, May 13, 2007
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    • BoxcabE50
      Good thing it's just a joke. Yikes! Almost seems like vandalism...


      Boxcab E50
    • satokuma
      Thanks for looking. Rumor has it that Doyle may have a SP Version to stick on the 844 sometime during the trip...hope there are some foamers around to record that....
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    • BoxcabE50
      Ha ha... That would stir up a few folks!


      Boxcab E50
    • HemiAdda2d
      When UP 844 was repainted in '05, the masking over the numberboards was lettered 838 (the parts donor roundhouse queen) and 845 (what would have been the last steamer on the UP, had UP not stopped at 844)..

      I'll have to dig that photo out, and post it here...
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    • Herb Iske
      Historically, the only other numbers seen on a Daylight-type loco up till now were those of the WP! And guess who took them over!
    • friscobob
      AAUUGGHH!!!! THE 4449's BEEN BORGED!!!!!! :eek:

      I'd like to see this in TRAINS or R&R.......oh the uproar it would cause..... :D :D :D
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