Zephyr, maximum of 10 locos at one time?

ronone10 Jan 15, 2008

  1. ronone10

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    This is what the specs say but on an N Scale track, what has been your experience? Particularly when you have two consist lets say (2 – 3 locos each) pulling passenger cars and the other freight. You then add a Challenger and perhaps a Big Boy (when they are out), both with sound. Any problems? Can you through on two more?

    I currently have an Empire Builder II (DB 150, DT 300) that has been in storage. I don’t have a layout yet but when I do, it will be L shape, 4 x 12 one directrion and around 4x8 in the other direction. The lack of reading the CV is a definite issue for me. From what I understand, I can add the DB 150 as a booster to pickup the extra amps and retain the Zephyr’s ability to read CVs. Correct?

    Thanks… Ron
  2. river_eagle

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    the 10 loco limit refers to active address memory slots, not power output.
    on my layout, ABBA type sets usally share the same address, because they always live and work as one unit, so they only use up one slot per consist.
    only locos that are mixed and matched for the day are Mu'ed into a consist, using multiple slots.
    my layout can only really handle three mainline trains at one time, plus a switcher on yard duty, (two plus switcher is all I can mentally keep a handle on when operating solo) so if,
    train 1, ABBB passenger train-one address slot
    train 2, local freight, 2 geeps-two slots Mu'ed
    train 3, thru freight, 2-3 SD's-two or three slots
    swicher, cow\calf share address-one slot
    that's seven slots filled when they are activly controlled
    leaving three extra for any specials.
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  3. Bob Morris

    Bob Morris TrainBoard Supporter

    I've run one F7ABBA consist (one address),plus a GP7/U25B(one address), an RS3, and an 0-8-0 simultaneously which would be 8 locos but only 4 addresses. No power problems at all.
  4. Tony Burzio

    Tony Burzio TrainBoard Supporter

    You could also look around. Other vendors have appeared that may have a more enjoyable and easy to use DCC system for you. Check them out and decide for yourself.
  5. Rich Businger

    Rich Businger TrainBoard Member

    That is correct. Just connect the loconet ports with six conductor telephone cable with RJ12 ends and jumper the DB150 Config A to ground.

    The Zephyr will act as the command station and the DB150 a slave. You'll still have read and write ability from the Zephyr and its output and the extra power output from the DB150.

  6. ronone10

    ronone10 TrainBoard Member

    Thank you all for responding and I appcreciate the info and advice. I am looking at NCE as well but since I own a DB150 and DT300, the Zephyr is my first choice.


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