WANTED WANTED: N Roundhouse Maersk Husky Stacks

Denali_Subdivision Nov 18, 2022

  1. Denali_Subdivision

    Denali_Subdivision TrainBoard Member

    Good afternoon everyone. I am currently searching for N Scale Roundhouse Maersk Husky Stacks for a project I am working on. Im after somewhere in the neighborhood of 20 or more of these (I know, long shot, good luck lol) to complete a unit train. I am converting them to 3-unit drawbar cars as well as upgrading them with GMM etched kits.

    Road # is not important, and ill gladly take duplicates if you've got them! Broken/missing handrails/steps is NOT an issue whatsoever. If you have any and are willing to part with them, know of someone who may have them, or know of a shop that might have some of these floating around, please let me know!

    Picture for reference, Thanks in advance!


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