Update on the GHB Int'l Brass PRR L1

Spookshow May 19, 2015

  1. Spookshow

    Spookshow TrainBoard Member

    I recently contacted George Barsky at GHB to see how this project was coming along. This was his reply -

    "The project is underway but various changes and improvements were necessary. I have now received 5 samples. The detailing and finish are excellent. Changes have been made mechanically and electrically. I have test run the last sample and am very impressed and satisfied with performance with a long train around 11" radius curves - no traction tires and no blind drivers needed. I still don't have a project completion date but it seems not too far off, although the project is now about 1 year behind schedule.

    I am just as anxious as anyone to get the project finished but I cannot and and will not rush the factory. The factory would love to get it out as well. So, yes, it is well underway but no final time frame. Soon, I hope. I appreciate your interest and enduring patience but we all want a great L1 model. That's what I am after so just hang in there."

    FYI, here's a link to the original announcement - http://www.ghbintl.com/PRR_L1s_photo_advertg.png


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