TroveStar Revamps Rewards Program

Jenna Oct 3, 2019

  1. Jenna

    Jenna TrainBoard Member

    Since the launch of our Rewards program, dozens of contributors have added thousands of items to the n-scale model trains database on TroveStar and earned lots of free Rewards items (with free shipping).

    It is because of our contributors that there are now 65,650 locos, rolling stock, structures and accessories in the database. Thank you to everyone who has helped grow the database!

    To make our Rewards program as appealing as possible, contributors can now use their points to buy any item on the N-Scale Enthusiast - TroveStar Classifieds from the seller Appin House, which currently has an inventory of more than 800 items.

    Every new n-scale item added to the database equals one reward point.

    Every three points can be used as a credit for $1 when purchasing items from Appin House.

    That means, for example, that if you add 15 new items to the database, you will earn 15 reward points and can buy a Con-Cor AAR 1944 Vermont Railway #146 boxcar currently for offer by Appin House for $5.00.


    Per usual, shipping is free!
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