Steam engine explosion....

gcav17 Nov 16, 2014

  1. Larry E Shankles

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    I have seen a photo of a crown sheet failure that would be fairly easy to model. The loco exploded while standing still at Salina KS. All that was left were all of the wheels and the cast frame, it looked like someone was in the process of building a loco. Everything else was in a field about half a mile away.
  2. gcav17

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    Ok. I have picked the loco I am going to use for my demo project. I forgot that I own a Bachmann 'non spectrum' 2-8-0 that has running gear issues, pick up issues, motor issues, etc etc.. ( it came with something I got on eBay) There will be no love loss over this. It will be another Northern Pacific Black Hills that was abandoned (again) just off of the main on a connecting line.
    I plan to remove the motor, and upper motor frame. I will remove the cab from the shell,. I will then use pieces of copper wire to simulate tubes, thin aluminum from a soda can for the boiler, I will use the smoke box door. After I do some experimenting and testing this idea. I hope to find the best way to do this. All in the name of fun. And cause I need a cause. Wish of luck!

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  3. BoxcabE50

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    We'll be curious to see what you can create!

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