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Colonel Mar 29, 2013

  1. Chops

    Chops TrainBoard Member


    A Tyco C430 gifted by a friend sheltering from 20 below weather in Minnesota. He also painted the vast majority of the motor vehicles on the layout. This latest effort is a take on the PC "worms in love" logo, as would befit the whimsical "Armadillo Central."
  2. dti406

    dti406 TrainBoard Member

    Got some new cars over the holidays!


    Rapido F30 Flat Cars for use in my piggy back trains, these cars were not favored for piggy back trains as the heavy weight of the cast body was not cost effective.


    Three more Scaletrains PS 4785CF Covered Hopper cars, fleet now numbers 8 PC, 3 PCB, 4 NYC and a couple of private owners. The PCB marking came about when after the bankruptcy filing the lessors wanted to be able to claim their cars if the PC went chapter 7 and dissolved.

    Rick Jesionowski
  3. Chops

    Chops TrainBoard Member

    I'll see your GP 7 and raise you an SW1500 recently acquired from AFBound, AND a caboose. A NOS piece, it came fairly complete minus bell and some stanchions, which is fine, as adding fiddley stanchions all day almost exceeds my ability. I might suggest anyone inclined to take a peak in the Swap Meet section for AF's inventory, which is quite extensive and varied, and as seen here, of top notch quality.

    Runs like dream, as do these wonderful old BB pieces. They were the bomb back in the '70's; very, very little came close to the smooth performance. Typically, model rail heads prefer their equipment to run in the low to medium range of scale speed, and back in the '70's (and so on) everything was geared to Run 8.

    The Marx caboose- those of you laughing: Marx with its molded on detail is the King of El Cheapo, but I swear this stuff tracks as good as a top end Kadee car. It bangs over frogs, diamonds, and badly laid track without so much as a whimper. I have small, but cherished collection in my Tycoish inventory. IMG_20220114_181009.jpg IMG_20220114_181042.jpg
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  4. WPZephyrFan

    WPZephyrFan TrainBoard Member

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  5. Jeff Vass

    Jeff Vass TrainBoard Member

    It finally came in! My new Athearn Genesis SD70ACu in the Canadian Pacific heritage scheme.

  6. katmaan100

    katmaan100 TrainBoard Member

    20220116_202411.jpg 20220116_202457.jpg
    Newest additions to my fleet.
    T&P 50 ft boxcar for my ATSF layout.
    Also 2 Texas Mexican Railway Trailers for my Cotton Belt Spine cars.
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  7. Pastor John

    Pastor John TrainBoard Member

    Last week I got out to a local-ish train show in Salem, Ohio after church. I picked up some old Tyco flat cars for $2.50 each, which I am converting/upgrading and have described a bit, with photos, on the "weekend update" thread. But I also picked up a Athearn blue box, Conrail SD 45 for $30. Since it's DC, it joins the waiting list for a DCC upgrade. [​IMG]

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