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    Nope. The local fire marshal is a member of The Hostler's model railroad club here in Ogden Utah, and various modular/sectional layouts have been displayed yearly at the Ogden Union Station for over 30 years using this AC protocol without a hint of a fire. The shows in Evanston, WY, Salt Lake City and Lehi UT also don't have fire marshals creeping around checking module/section electricals since there's never been a hint of a fire problem.

    However, I have several industrial capacity power strips which I take with me to shows, and my extension cord is an extra heavy duty industrial model, just in case a fire marshal decides to cause problems.

    The AC "problem" is exponentially less nowadays that we are using CFL's rather than 100 watt incandescent lightbulbs to light the layout. Power requirements for DCC are minuscule compared to watts used for lighting...and all our drills and powered screwdrivers used in assembly/disassembly are battery powered.

    Bob Gilmore
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    My experience is just the opposite. I've made four 6' modules and one 8' portable section out of 2" extruded polystyrene held together with Liquid Nails and all these constructions sagged and became delaminated at critical stress points during setups. The 8' section has 7 laminations representing the steep hills of the Curvo Utah area where the U.P. mainline crosses itself, and both the upper and lower lines have popped off their cork roadbeds because this section has sagged so drastically between its two legs spaced 18" inward from the ends.

    In my experience, extruded polystyrene is great for creating scenery base or for carving certain types of rocky areas, but it isn't designed, nor intended for structural rigidity. Proven and sturdy methods should be used for any portable layout sections or modules, with quality dimensional lumber and plywoods being the first and best choices.

    Bob Gilmore
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    The 2" extruded polystyrene foam type that I selected for my most recent home layout came in 4'x8' sheets and is available in the home building supply stores in Peoria, IL. Its primary use is for building construction thus it is quite sturdy and durable. I have no experience with portable layouts that are taken to shows, etc. My experiences in solely with home layouts since 1975. My most recent home layout was built in 2005 and taken apart in 2014 in preparation for a move.
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    A couple of years ago there was an issue between a Ntrak layout and a fire marshal. I believed it involved two issues. One was 'daisy chaining' power strips together and the other was about using extension cords without the UL approval. This occurred out west somewhere, if my memory serves me correctly and resulted in Ntrak removing all the power strips from modules. See page 10 of the July/August, 2007 issue of the Ntrak newsletter below:

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    "This module contains materials known by the state of California to cause forest fires."


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    How about "Warning: Anything you do might cause a problem for someone else."
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