Penzance 1913

martink Aug 23, 2021

  1. martink

    martink TrainBoard Member

    My next linear-motor-powered T Gauge layout has finally reached an interesting stage, with trains now running over the whole thing, so it was time to make a video.

    Penzance is a busy holiday terminus in the extreme bottom-left corner of England, the western extremity of the Great Western Railway. The layout is a 1:480 scale, 6x2 foot depiction of the station and approach viaduct as of 1913. This date was chosen because I wanted to include the cramped loco depot, which was moved a couple of miles up the line in 1914, and the timber trestle bridge along the beach front, which kept getting washed away by Atlantic storms and was replaced by a plain boring causeway and sea wall in 1921.

    The track plan is slightly simplified for practical reasons, but the missing tracks will be included as dummies later on. Operationally, passenger and goods trains both terminate and originate here, so the layout is built to perform hands-off shunting and loco turning. It is mainly designed for fully automatic exhibition running, but will have a control panel for full manual operation as well. It is currently using a limited 12-switch panel which allows basic movements and simple record/playback automation.

  2. HemiAdda2d

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    Very slick! Very nice and smooth. Speeds a bit high, but probably helps reliability and smoothness. Looking forward to some scenery!
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  3. martink

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    Unlike conventional drives, running reliability is not affected by the speed. Very, very different from standard T Gauge. These beasts will happily run down to a scale walking pace (2mm/sec). I chose to run things overly fast for this video because of limitations with the temporary automation, which allows only one speed for each start-to-stop movement, and I was too lazy to wait for the next train to crawl past for a photo shoot!
  4. gmorider

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    Well done.
  5. CNE1899

    CNE1899 TrainBoard Member


    Really nice job! Love the wagons as well!
  6. Mike VE2TRV

    Mike VE2TRV TrainBoard Member

    Amazing... :cool:

    Even horse-drawn carriages. Though one of the horses seems to be a tad tipsy, wavering from side to side as it ambles along...:LOL:

    The blue pencil really puts everything into perspective.

    My hat's off you T scale guys.
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