OTHER SCALE OO Hornby Mallard

Chops Mar 26, 2020

  1. Chops

    Chops TrainBoard Member

    Please read carefully: The tender works good, but the side gear on the locomotive is jammed up.

    A really nice Hornby Mallard. It has a good working powered tender, but
    for somehow the %$@% side gear stiffened up. I went to try to clean
    and lube it, and made it worse. Totally jacked myself.

    Makes a nice shelf queen, a good repair project for those with talent,
    or parts. Also available are two British Pullman Coaches, NOS, for $10 a crack.
    I hate to let this piece go, and the video below shows why: she ran like a
    dream, and then just stiffened up from a season of sitting. I simply cannot
    fix it, myself, but someone with a good hand can perhaps restore her perfectly.

    I want $25 for her. For a shelf display, that's a bargain price, for someone that can
    fix it, she can easily fetch $100 or more. I could just spit. Plus shipping, please. Will send

    Please email me direct at jmcneal61@hotmail.com if interested.

    This is how she ran before the side gear got fouled:


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