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vashnar Feb 25, 2009

  1. vashnar

    vashnar TrainBoard Member

    I finally got started on a layout...

    Based on Byron Henderson's San Jose Shelf Switcher, I used Kato UniTrack that I had on hand to arrive at a straightened and narrowed version of my own.

    I wanted two 'domino' style modules for portability and storage, so I used Siever's Benchwork (great product, great service... high prices) to build two 1' x 3' frames. I had to make the trackplan fit with the module ends, a challenge to be sure, but I was able to get it to work. The two modules fit in plastic bins under the guest bed.

    I've got it wired now, but am planning to rewire. I used suitcase connectors from a local hardware store... tried to make them work, but they were the wrong size for the wire gauges I'm using and failed - oops. Some of the connections were not made... shame on me for being impatient! I've ordered the correct 3M connectors from a local Fastenal store. Should see them in the next couple days and will rewire at that point.

    Now, before you all yell and scream... there will be a backdrop along the backside with buildings in relief, so the track is not really too close to the edge!

    So far it's been really fun to be off the armchair. Can't wait to get to some scenicking and operations.

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  2. Powersteamguy1790

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    Looks like you've made some nice progress on your shelf layout. Sievers has some good ideas with their pre-fabricated bench work.
  3. 2slim

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    You're off to the races dude! One tidbit of advice is to get some trains going before adding scenery and buildings and such. This is the stone cold voice of my experience talking here, your first tear-out and re-do will be the hardest if you've got some cool scenery and buildings already in place, (been there, done that). It's much easier to tweak the track work, (and there's a good chance you will) if you haven't gotten to impatient.

    Looks good so far!
  4. traingeekboy

    traingeekboy TrainBoard Member

    I think the only one screaming here, is you screaming, "Full steam ahead!!!"

    It looks fun.
  5. Hutch

    Hutch TrainBoard Member

    Nice, can't wait to see more progress on this layout.
  6. vashnar

    vashnar TrainBoard Member

    Warning - Zombie Thread!

    So... Over two years and two kids later... Back to the switching layout!

    We've moved more than once since I started this thread, too. It still makes the most sense for me to have a smallish switching layout. The good news is I have room for more length, so I redesigned (many, many times) my version of Byron Henderson's San Jose Switcher to fit in 1 foot by 7.5 feet. I only have to buy a few new pieces of Unitrack to complete this plan, so it won't break the (small) budget.

    My main concern is that the top curve is very close to the backdrop. Also, I'm not sure how to deal with the middle spur (what Byron has as American Can) at the front of the layout - there's really no room for a structure so I'm considering just labeling the industry on the facia.

    So here's the hopefully final design. My wife is taking the kids to Gramma's house for a week at the end of the month, so I'm planning my own little spring layout party.

    Thanks for looking,

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